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Connecticut Valley Sno-Riders - TMA/Membership


VAST TMA and Club Membership

Connecticut Valley Sno-Riders
P.O. Box 33
Guildhall, VT  05905

TMA Application


Please follow all instructions carefully, especially the information pertaining to the snowmobile.  This information is required and if missing or incomplete the application will be returned.  Individuals are reminded that they must have a TMA card on their person to legally operate the snowmobile.  For mail applications, any photocopies must be included with the application.

As in years past, TMA’s can be purchased on-line at the VAST web site (www.vtvast.org). HOWEVER, on-line purchases have an additional $5.00 handling fee and club dues will be $30.00 i.e. $15.00 MORE than the prices listed here.

Resident TMA - Any snowmobile currently registered in the State of Vermont
Non Resident TMA - Any snowmobile currently registered in a state other than Vermont
NOTE: A copy of your current snowmobile registration must accompany all applications.


MOMS of Groveton
149 State Street  

Groveton, NH 03582

Dalton Mountain Motorsports
475 Main Street
Lancaster, NH  03584
John Orlowski
6402 Route 102
Guildhall, VT 05905s
47 Route 105
Bloomfield, VT  05905
Nancy Desrochers
1781 West Side Lake Road
Maidstone, VT 05905
Please make checks payable to:
Connecticut Valley Sno-Riders or CTVSR
Mail To:
Mary Stewart
6 Button Drive
Essex JCT., VT 05452


Club Membership only (additional operators, skiers, etc.)$15.00              
CTVSR Dues $15.00 for each Vermont registered  snowmobile and VAST TMA $145.00$160.00/sled

CTVSR Dues $15.00 for each registered outside of Vermont and VAST TMA $185.00$200.00/sled

CTVSR Dues $15.00 for each snowmobile registered In or Outside of Vermont and VAST 3-Day TMA$55.00/sled
Grooming Donation


Year     Manufacturer     Model   
Serial #     Registration #     State/Province    
NAME (if different than owner)
Year Born: Male       Female
Note: Born after July 1, 1983? You must have a Vermont Snowmobile Safety Certificate or equivalent.

Please read the 2019 VAST TMA Legal Agreement printed below. Sign and date the Legal Agreement and return it with you rapplication to obtain a Vermont VAST TMA.

2019 VAST TMA Legal Agreement

In order to protect landowners who make their lands available for recreational uses by the public, Vermont has passed legislation limiting the liability of such landowners. This includes the use of private property for snowmobiling. When a landowner makes their land available for recreational purposes, and does not charge a fee to the users, Vermont law provides that the landowner shall not be liable for any property damage or personal injury arising from the use of the land, unless the landowner intentionally causes the property damage or personal injury. As a result, the landowner is not presumed to have made any assurance that the land is safe for recreational uses, nor does it create any duty on a landowner of land to inspect the land to discover any dangerous conditions. Thus you, as a member of VAST, when using any of the trails which constitute the Statewide Snowmobile Trail System (SSTS) use the SSTS at your own risk. You must take care to use them with caution and due regard for your own safety and that of others using the SSTS. You are deemed to have assumed all of the risks inherent in the use of the SSTS for snowmobiling. You agree that neither the landowner or VAST has made any representation or assurance to you as to the relative safety or condition of the SSTS and that neither VAST nor the landowner are obligated to maintain the SSTS in a safe condition of to inspect the SSTS for safety purposes. As a member of a VAST snowmobile club, I the undersigned, owner of the snowmobile described above, declare that I am responsible for my use of SSTS in conformance with the snowmobile laws and rules of the State of Vermont and willingly accept all the risks inherent in such use.

I expressly acknowledge and accept that snowmobiling is an inherently dangerous activity. As an off-road experience, trail conditions may change without warning. I acknowledge that trail signage is not a legal requirement and that neither VAST nor the landowner have a duty to provide signage warning of potential trail hazards. When signage is provided, it is primarily for directional purposes. The provision of certain safety related signs, such as stop signs at certain intersections, does not impose a duty on VAST or a landowner to mark all safety hazards. When using the SSTS, I assume all risk of personal injury, death or property loss resulting from any cause whatsoever, including, but not limited to the risks, dangers and hazards of snowmobiling. VAST and the landowner shall not be liable for any such personal injury, death or property loss. I hereby waive, release and forever discharge VAST and any of its directors, offers, agents, servants and successors and the landowner from any and all claims for loss, damages, death, personal injuries, property damage, costs, contributions, or indemnification whatsoever on account of, or in any way arising out of the use of the SSTS, unless the same is the result of willful misconduct or intentionally caused by VAST or the landowner. I also agree that I will require any person to whom I lend or rent my snowmobile to read and agree to these disclaimers and to ensure they are aware of the risks mentioned above and will advise them that neither VAST, its member clubs nor the landowner shall bear any liability for any damages they could suffer while using the SSTS.


Every individual operating a snowmobile in Vermont is required to have personal liability insurance.  The minimum required coverage is $25,000 for one injury or $50,000 for two or more injuries or deaths with a minimum of $10,000 property damage.  The fine for operating without the insurance is $110.00 plus court cost.
I have read and understand the VAST TMA Legal Agreement.
Signature:  Date:

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