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Connecticut Valley Sno-Riders - TMA/Membership


VAST TMA and Club Membership

Connecticut Valley Sno-Riders
P.O. Box 33
Guildhall, VT  05905

Beginning with the 2020-2021 snowmobile year VAST has gone to a completely online system for TMA’s.  No longer can you purchase them in person at the normal outlets, or return the letter we normally send members to get your TMA.  Below are instructions on how to get your 2022-2023 TMA.

 Here are the instructions on how to fill it out.   (https://vtvast.org/online-tma-info.html)

 When you are ready to purchase it, click or go to HERE.  (https://vtvast.org/online-tma-purchase-eb.html )

If you are going to use your computer to fill out the form, take a picture of your registrations with your phone and get that picture to your computer through some means (Mail it to yourself, transfer it, etc.)  If you are using a tablet, phone, or some device with a camera you can take the picture when you are filling out the form.

 If you got a VAST card with your ID number on it in the mail that’s the easiest way.

 If you would like to donate to the club you can select it on the screen and donate any extra amount you wish.

 This year the Connecticut Valley Sno-Riders will be grooming our trails with a new groomer and drag.  We were not successful in receiving an equipment grant from VAST for the groomer purchase.  Thus, we had to fully fund the purchase of the groomer on our own.  Our funds are now depleted and we’d appreciate any donation, no matter how small.

 If you do not have on-line access, please contact the club and we’ll arrange for you to get a TMA through some means.

 Thank you.