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Connecticut Valley Sno-Riders - President's Message

December 2022


President's Message

Melissa Wooldridge Breton, President
I am so excited to have been elected as the new President of the Connecticut Valley Sno-Riders Club (CVSR), Guildhall, VT, Essex County, Northeast Kingdom superseding the honorable John Orlowski who selflessly and voluntarily served as former President of the CVSR for the past 8 years. My strength and courage comes from the loving support of my dedicated husband John Breton, Jr., and our two sons Mason and Porter. Our collective family enthusiasm and passion for the sport of snowmobiling, as well as our commitment to the VAST Snowmobile Organization, and community at large, is the driving force behind my momentous energy that I bring to my new role. I plan to lead CVSR with a conscious presence in touch with the benefits of promoting family friendly snowmobiling, the CVSR’s positive impact and contribution to the NEK, while showcasing the CVSR’s new branding initiative. In addition to overseeing the CVSR operations management I am also invested in preserving the legacy of the CVSR as well as minimizing the CVSR’s carbon footprint. I know that our work today is to secure the future for the next generation of snowmobilers to continue to enjoy the sport as much as we do. I would like to THANK the generosity of the countless landowners who offer access to their private property creating the VAST network of trails as well as all the volunteers behind the scenes who together will make this 2022-2023 season the 50th Anniversary of CVSR extra special!  -Melissa


Jamie Asklar, Vice-President

My name is Jamie Asklar, Vice President of the Connecticut Valley Sno Riders.  It is with great joy that I have the opportunity to represent CVSR within the Vermont snowmobile community.
I was born and raised and currently live in Connecticut with my wife, Emily, and two sons, Jaden and Beckett. Snowmobiling has been our wintertime hobby for many years. Along with my wife, snowmobiling was something I was introduced to at an early age.  We continued this by introducing this sport to our boys at an early age as well. 
My earliest memory of snowmobiling was on Christmas morning in 1978. I was five years old and “Santa” left a 1978 Kitty Cat under the tree. My dad started it in the family room where I jumped on and proceeded to almost run over my infant brother. Needless to say, my mother was not happy! Five-year-old me has loved riding ever since.
Just as much as riding, I enjoy spending time in the garage repairing and maintaining my sleds. Working on snowmobiles is something I learned from my dad at an early age.  During the late ’70s and ’80s, we were involved with oval track ice racing. We spent much time traveling throughout New England and Canada. It was during these times that I learned to work on all aspects of a snowmobile. It was also during this time that I was exposed to the wonderful members of the snowmobiling community.
My family and I spend our Vermont winters with our close friends, the Breton Family. Over the years we have made many irreplaceable memories. I look forward to the many memories still to come. -Jamie