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Connecticut Valley Sno-Riders - President's Message

December 2016


President’s Message 

The Connecticut Valley Sno-Riders maintain 67 miles of trails between Corridor 2 (the Pipeline) and Stone Dam at Highway 105 via Corridors 102, 102A, 1, 1A, 98, and F98. 

Last year we had the worst conditions/snowfall in years (Probably since 2005/2006).  Looks like we are off to a better start this year but still keep doing snow dances to ensure it. J.  Our PB400 Pisten Bully groomer is ready to go.  Our groomer operators are ready for the long hours needed to keep the trails ready to ride.

We did a lot of fall pre-work including widening one narrow section of trail.  Thanks to all that helped in that effort.

We are a very small club, and are always in need of new ‘active’ members that want to attend meetings, help out with the trail work, groom, and hold elected or appointed positions within the club.  If you are interested, please go to one of our meetings or give me a call.  Even the smallest amount of help can aid us greatly.

Including our trails, Vermont has over 5,500 miles of some of the best snowmobiling around.  Most are on private land, with the balance being on state, and federal lands.  These generous land owners, in cooperation with VAST, clubs like ours, and many tireless volunteers keep trails maintained, groomed and ready to ride on.  Our Club members pride themselves on our trails and on signage being second to none in VT. 

Our club engages in fund raising activities during the season, both to provide fun activities for members and the public, and to offset our membership fees and keep them low.  After being cancelled last year tue to lack of snow we are looking forward to our on-trail ‘ride-in’ cookout at the Roost.

Our club generally meets on the third Saturday each month at the Guild Hall, in Guildhall, VT.  We have them on Saturday so that snowmobilers that aren’t local to the area can attend meetings.  Please attend a meeting if you can.  Generally they are an hour or less.  You can even ride your snowmobile to the meeting as the Guild Hall is right on the trail when you go through town.

Visit our web site at http://ctvalleysnoriders.com or facebook page for up-to-date club information, activities, trail conditions, weather conditions and more!! 

See you on the trail, 

John Orlowski    President